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The Beer Warriors

In March of 2014 I founded an online community of craft beer and video game enthusiasts. The group became my own personal sandbox to test and learn new techniques in design, marketing, social media, leadership, fundraising, event planning and more.

Craft beer culture encourages strangers from all walks of life to come together, set aside the things that separate them and raise a glass as a community. We used this celebration of inclusion as a cornerstone of the brand. We embraced a transparent, open-door mentality and tried a bold and unapologetic marketing strategy. It worked even better than we expected.

People fell in love with the culture and the Beer Warriors membership exploded. Gathering members from all over the world, we reached over 600 active members.

The website became a platform to host media, news articles, blogs, and sell exclusive merchandise. Most competitors were focusing on forums to sell their brand. We created an integrated brand message that penetrated multiple mediums that were mostly untouched. I interacted heavily with social media (Twitter, Reddit, etc.), partnered with gaming developers, and catered to content producers on YouTube, Soundcloud and Twitch to raise awareness and lead public events. Everything we did was intentionally against the grain, yet refreshingly transparent.

Overall, the community has been a huge success and taught me so many lessons that I use to this day.

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Who are the Beer Warriors?

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