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Nick Kidd Art Director


With a background as a Studio Designer I've pushed myself to become a successful Art Director for major international brands. I'm a Texan, but I'm far from old fashioned. I don’t like the classics when it comes to marketing, because I can guarantee if you get stuck in the past you’ll be forgotten. So, I use these 3 pillars in all of my work:

Nick is also the Executive Producer and Host on the podcast My Drunken Fandom. Check it out here!

Be Different on Purpose

When your brand enters a room, everyone should know it. Everyone should have an opinion of it. Reaching an audience takes more than just doing what everyone else is doing. Your work needs the break the mold and place attention in a place where no one else is looking. My work is different on purpose, with purpose. I seek to understand an audience and find where their attention really is.

Add Value

People don’t want to listen to your sales pitch. Your content should actually add value. It should contribute something authentic to the conversation. Sometimes that means not selling anything the first go around. Most marketing tries to provide value and ask for something in return all in the same breath. If a business wants to grow, it needs to become an asset to its audience before it even begins to ask for anything.

Speak Truth

Find something true – something that everyone else knows but isn’t saying. Your message should be in on the joke. It should acknowledge what everyone else is tired of seeing and create something new from it. Be transparent and speak truth.




The art of design and advertising is no easy trek. It is an ever-changing learning experience that requires risk, hustle, and a little bit of faith. People and the things they care about change everyday. So take a peak into my life as I learn and grow.